Personalized help to curate your content, design engaging and responsive courses, and  launch your online school!

Services include:

  • content analysis

  • course design with your branding

  • course development

  • 3rd party platform hosting

  • voiceovers, audio, and music

  • explainer videos and presentations

  • workshop design

  • webinars

  • and more!

Schedule a deep dive call with me to find out what learning experiences can help your clients reach their goals and have your business scale to the next level!

As a full-time digital nomad and traveler, I’ve leveraged my traveler’s intrinsic motivation to offer Instructional Design as Wayfinding; a unique design process of simplifying complex instructional content into navigable, interactive, and intuitive environments. I will guide you through the design of your unique learning paths and experiences to help your audience find their own way.

I help educational entrepreneurs– like coaches, trainers & speakers – capture their unique content and methodologies and turn them into systematized, repeatable programs, so that they may reach more people, generate passive income, and scale their business. Through these programs you’ll be able to share your expertise and gifts with the world, become location independent, increase your impact and grow your business!

Magali Carusotti

Soul Meets Road


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