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Hey! I'm Magali, former teacher, recovering rat-racer, full-time digital nomad, and Learning Experience Designer! 

I was a high school teacher for 7  amazing years that changed my life.


I fell in love with pedagogy, psychology of learning, and social sciences. And my students, I fell in love with all of them!!


But I despised the rat-race, living for the weekends, and the broken education system... I decided to make a change.

This was then...

Knowledge is the driving force that enables change!

looking at camera holding laptop.jpg

Ten years after a bachelor's in psychology, I enrolled in an online master's program in Instructional Systems Design.


And I haven't stopped learning since!



I've also earned a master's in Psychology and am currently pursuing a doctorate in Instructional Technologies & Distance Education. 


I value freedom and authenticity above all. That's why I quit my job in corporate America, to work from anywhere with a WIFI signal.


I can help you do the same; design your life and biz around your values, gain more freedom, and scale your business.


All while making an impact by helping your clients transform!

...this is now.

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