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Some of my Work

I'm fascinated by both the psychology of learning and the evolution of learning technologies.


Finding the sweet-spot where design and technology meet is my jam! Learning doesn't only happen in formal settings. 


Some of the tools I like to use include: Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Captivate, PowToon, Canva, ClickUp, and Miro. But, I'm always on the lookout for any tools that could facilitate mine or my learners' experience. 

The artifacts included in this portfolio have been modified to protect my clients' proprietary information. Additionally, I'll be adding some fun pieces from my own personal work. 

Human Resources Compliance Training

This CBT was for an international energy company's HR department. It was hosted on Intellum Exceed- a learning-management system (LMS)- which enables data reporting to see learners'  completion rates and other relevant data.

*Note: Computerized voiceover was not my first choice but was selected due to limited time and resources. Ideally proper voiceover should be used.

Work by me: Design and Development using company template.

Tools used: Adobe Captivate

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Financial Coaching Course

money mastery screenshot 1.png

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This was 1 of 4 interactive eLearning modules on business finance management for real estate home-staging professionals and interior designers.

It was a done-for-you project in which I worked directly with the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to capture, curate, and create learning materials.

eLearning modules were intended to be uploaded, hosted, and sold via a Learning Management System or 3rd Party Course Platform.

Work by me: Analysis, Design, Development, and      Project Management.

Tools used: Adobe Captivate, Canva

This ongoing project entails 5 hybrid modules on career development and social-emotional learning for teens transitioning into the 'real-world.'

It is a done-for-you project in which I work directly with the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to capture, curate, and create learning materials.

For this project I am designing and developing various materials, including graphics, animated videos, and eLearning modules.  Additionally, I serve as project manager, overseeing sub-contractors to support development of additional eLearning modules and videos.

Work by me: Analysis, Design, Development, and Project Management.

Tools used: Adobe Captivate, Canva, ClickUp, and CoreAchieve LMS

TUS Course Home .png

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Interactive, eLearning lessons or modules, are a great way to engage learners online. Ideally these types of computer-based trainings (CBTs) allow learners to click-through and interact with the learning content, rather than passively read or watch a video. (And let's be serious, online learning can be boring. Ask anyone who's had to sit through compliance training, amirite?!)


Studies indicate that an active learner is more likely to retain the information and transfer it (or apply it) into real life/world scenarios - which is what we want! Interactive learning gives participants the chance to view the content and to immediately practice in a safe environment- this can be done online or in-person, with or without an instructor.

Hi! I'M a curious  HUMAN, lifelong learner, AND DESIGNER.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to supplement learning materials in a course. Videos are a great way to simplify certain complex topics, present materials in more memorable ways rather than traditional text only, and help you engage your learners with visual/auditory learning styles. 

Tools Used: Powtoon, Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, PowerPoint

Technical writing entails simplifying complex technical information in order to better communicate it with end-users.

Some of my work in technical writing involved simplifying business process manuals into digestible training materials and live training for internal users on how to use JD Edwards. 

Due to the nature of the work, these artifacts are protected for the privacy of my former clients. Please contact me if you would like to view some samples, or click the link below.


Click here if you have access via password. 

Portfolio design and development by: Magali

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